Fitness First Member since February 2016

I’ve always been a skinny guy and the biggest problem I have is becoming leaner. I decided to sign up with a personal trainer in hopes that he could help me achieve my fitness goals.

kieran's achievement

When I first started my training 2 years ago, I was only 59 kg. I decided to join Fitness First and also enrolled for personal training sessions with Chester from Avenue K.

After an intensive 2 years of training, I have seen much improvement in my fitness. Chester has managed to come up with a functional training method. I now weigh 66 kg. Words can’t express my gratitude towards Chester in helping me with this great achievement.

meet the trainer

“Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limit.”

Lim Chee Siong (Chester)

Chester has over 7 years of personal training experience. He specialises in weight loss and management, muscle toning, muscle building, core building, freestyle movement, body building, strength and power. He is currently an Advanced Personal Trainer at Fitness First Avenue K.