Fitness First Member since April 2018

Chester is someone I can trust. He's the Lightweight Class body building Champion of the Mr. Perak competition and he's extremely knowledgeable about every type of exercise you need to reach your goals. I've improved both physically and mentally training with him, which is why I just signed up for 30 more sessions!

joshua's achievement

Before training with Chester I was completely clueless about how to lift weights properly. I didn't feel confident about my body and I couldn't even perform a single body weight squat properly.

Now, after just 3.5 months, I've gained 4 kg of muscle and can perform all the major exercises with great form. I feel motivated and strong, and Chester helps me to challenge and break my limits every session. I can't wait to join the 100kg lift club for squats... But in this short time I've gone from 0 kg to 75 kg!

meet the trainer

“Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limit.”

Lim Chee Siong (Chester)

Chester has over 7 years of personal training experience. He specialises in weight loss and management, muscle toning, muscle building, core building, freestyle movement, body building, strength and power. He is currently an Advanced Personal Trainer at Fitness First Avenue K.