Fitness First Member since February 2018

I’ve been consistently working out 3 times per week under Fitness First Personal Trainer, Mael since 2014. I’m committed to a new target now - building muscle and Mael is still helping me in achieving my goals. My strength is improving and nowadays I can lift heavier weights than most men in the gym!

wan amni's achievement

I’ve never been ‘thin’ since primary school and after 34 years I’ve decided to change my lifestyle.

I wanted to lose weight and the results were truly remarkable! I’ve lost 20 kilos and shrunk from size XXL/XL to S/XS over 10 months with proper training, balanced diet, sufficient rest, sleep.

meet the trainer

“A positive mind shapes a robust physique moulds; a virtuous heart pains a beautiful personality.”

Ismail Bin Mohd Isa (Mael)

Mael has over 4 years of personal training experience. He specialises in endurance, muscle toning, flexibility and balance, mobility and agility, strength and power and injury rehabilitation. He is currently an Elite Personal Trainer at Fitness First Avenue K.