Moving Well


There are many myths surrounding physical exercises that are often confusing. What are these myths and what are the real facts? Here's the explanation.

11 Mar 2022

Having a healthy body and excellent stamina is everyone's dream. The best way to improve the quality of health is to exercise regularly. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of myths surrounding exercise that create confusion, and can even pose a danger to those who do it. What are these myths and what are the real facts? Here's the explanation.


Myth 1: The best time to exercise is in the morning


Fact: There is no specific recommended time to exercise. Exercising in the morning has many physical and mental health benefits such as helping to increase the body's metabolism, improving blood circulation, and helping you focus more ongoing through the day. Exercising at night can also help the body become more relaxed after a hard day's work. That is, the best time to exercise is the time when you can train optimally and consistently.


Myth 2: Cardio is the best exercise for weight loss


Fact: Cardio alone is not enough to lose weight. Many factors affect a person's ability to lose weight sooner or later, such as exercise habits, diet, rest hours, and the quality of the body's metabolism. If your goal is to lose weight, combine a balanced diet, weight training, and cardio for the best results.


Myth 3: You can get a six-pack with sit-ups


Fact: Sit-ups only serve to strengthen the abdominal muscles and burn a few calories that gather in the abdominal area. A six-packs stomach can not be obtained just by doing sit-ups. It takes consistency to maintain a diet and adequate cardio exercise to trim belly fat and get the ideal belly shape.


Myth 4: Women shouldn't be lifting weights


Fact: Strenuous physical activity like lifting weights has nothing to do with gender. There is nothing wrong if women do weight lifting. The reason why men's bodies can enlarge after routinely lifting weights is that men produce more testosterone than women. This hormone is used to build large amounts of muscle. Therefore, women who do weight training do not have to worry about their bodies getting bigger.


Myth 5: Rest days are not important


Fact: Rest days are very important to get the best workout results. Physical exercises activities that are too excessive can also have a bad impact. The body needs a day or two of rest to repair muscle tissue damaged by weight training. In addition, rest days are also used to refresh the mind to be more focused and maximal in the next exercise. However, there are several light exercises you can do during your rest day which you can read about in this article.


What myths about physical exercises have you heard?