Moving Well


Want to strengthen your core? Fitness First has a series of classes that are perfect for you.

10 May 2021
You may think that the core is only about getting that photogenic six-pack but that just scratches the surface, quite literally. Your abs are only one part of a complex of muscles that, altogether, form what is known as your core. The lower back, glutes, diaphragm, pelvic floor and hips are also part of this all-important network that governs practically every movement your body makes on a regular basis. Having a healthy and strong core will give you better balance, mobility and stability and is thus crucial to your overall health, not to mention it helps improve your performance in sports and all physical activities.


Fitness First’s HardCore workout series was designed for gym goers of all levels and comprises three types of classes, each offering different focus, benefits, and varying degrees of intensity. In each class, you will go from one exercise to the next for a certain amount of time. Complete one set, and then start over again. The moves range from low to high intensity, with minimal recovery time in between. Besides building core strength, you will also enhance your fitness levels, burn more calories, and optimise fat loss.

Which of these classes is right for you?


An effective workout that specifically targets and strengthens your core muscles. A combination of core exercises that’ll have you bending, lifting and twisting, with strength exercises to build a leaner, fitter waistline. The exercises consist of wholly integrated movements that will have you engage multiple muscles.

Hardcore Maxx

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class incorporates explosive movements and athletic drills. It’s energetic and fast paced so as to max out that full-on calorie burn.

Hardcore Overload

This class brings on the challenge with strength training and heart-pumping High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s one total body workout to build your endurance and strength.

Consider your preferred exercise style, pace, intensity and most importantly, what you want to get out of the workout. Then pick the class that best matches your needs or do all three and you’ll get a total core workout.