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Every individual is affected by stress at some point of time in life. What exactly is stress? Stress is your body’s and brain’s response to any stimulus lie exercise, work, school, life changes, trauma, etc. Stress can take a huge toll on your health and hence it is necessary to deal with minor and major stressful events of your life.

23 Jul 2019
Signs that You Are Stressed

1. Stress Eating
You tend to binge on junk a lot these days. Every time there is a meeting or a deadline at work or you have your exams coming up, you tend to overeat and snack up on chocolates and sweets. Continuous stress triggers your adrenal glands to work overtime and pump out stress hormones. This causes an increase in your appetite and makes you want to grab a cupcake or eat a sweet. The sugar rush goes to your brain which makes you feel nice, creating a vicious cycle of stress and overeating.

2. Aches and Pains
You complain of constant aches and pains which are recurrent. Stress causes raised cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for your flight-or-fright response. When it gets activated, your immune system is suppressed, and your body ensures you get out of the dangerous situation that you are in. Dealing with constant stress can make you burn out and your immune system takes a big hit causing all kinds of aches and pains. High cortisol levels cause your musculoskeletal system to breakdown along with your nervous and immune systems.

3. Sleeplessness
Stress can cause you to toss and turn over on your bed making you have sleepless nights. You tend to feel tired all the time, because of the constant stress and recurrent thoughts that keep you startled and worried. Stress also causes poor concentration, exhaustion and fatigue causing an impact on your physical fitness and your sleep.

4. Recurrent Colds
You are prone to developing recurrent colds and cough frequently due to underlying stress. A slight change in weather makes you fall sick. Chronic stress deactivates your body’s self-defense and self-repair mechanism which can make you vulnerable to various diseases.

How can you fight stress?
Take up a hobby or listen to music to destress yourself. Join a new class to help declutter your mind. Take the Boom class, which is a music driven, high intensity workout.Boxthe bag to get rid of all your stress. Perform exercises that help work your whole body using natural movement patterns to get on track. Improve your cardio, muscular and neural systems while enhancing your boxing skills. Try our Hook class to focus on sharpening your boxing techniques and improve your overall strength, fitness and function. Choose the workout that suits your body. Some high intensity workouts likeSurgeandHardcorecan release stress thereby just adding to your already stressed self. Burn enough calories through the class to ensure that you are both physically and mentally tired at the end of the day to have a peaceful sleep. Learn to declutter your mind through mindful meditation and feel relaxed.