Moving Well


How a Certified Fitness Coach can really up your quality of life

19 Feb 2019

Gym newbie? Ex-competition triathlete? Whichever, it’s a great idea to considerengage a Certified Fitness Coachat any Fitness First Club. Here are five reasons why personal training can help you to achieve your fitness goals.


1.  A Certified Fitness Coach can see what you can’t.

Mirrors can only help with your technique only so much; it’s like cutting your own hair. Your gym buddy might be able to spot for you, but a Certified Fitness Coach brings a keen eye to avoiding injury, especially if you’re a new to the gym. In short, a Certified Fitness Coach can quickly gauge your body type, strengths and weaknesses every time you meet. So even on your ‘bad’ days, a Certified Fitness Coach can make your workout good.


2. A Certified Fitness Coach can help you figure out what your fitness goals are.

If your fitness goal is “to be fit” then your Certified Fitness Coach will help clarify what it is exactly in your life that you’d like to be fit for. Then you can get going. It could be something as simply important as having the energy – and time – to be involved in the lives of your children, family and friends.


3. A Certified Fitness Coach can objectively assess your current level of fitness.

Some people look fit but aren’t, and vice versa. For a true picture, you’ll be assessed on fitness markers such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, suppleness, coordination and stamina. You’ll also know your BMI (body mass index), and body fat distribution. If you’d like to take it further, Fitness First offers DNA testing for a bespoke workout. 


4. A Certified Fitness Coach can tailor a workout programme around your time-poor lifestyle.

Your Certified Fitness Coach will help you maximise your quality time by tailoring and optimising your workout to suit your fitness goals – and the school run and client meeting too.


5. A Certified Fitness Coach can lift your workout to a higher level

You might be pleased with your current fitness level, but not with your results that have plateaued, i.e. you’re stuck in a workout rut. Enter your personal trainer, with fresh perspectives and the newest training methods. The best part is that your Certified Fitness Coachchallenges you to break the limitations of who you are.Reach for that higher level of possibility now.