Thinking Well


Your average attention span is about 8 seconds. This number has reduced over the passing years thanks to the increased screen time and digital connections. Human survival depends on focus and your ability to pay attention to what’s important and moving. Focus is a muscle which can be built. Follow these few techniques to learn how to eliminate your distractions and focus on your work.

19 Jul 2019

1. Prepare yourself
Before you sit to work, take a minute to mentally list out your tasks for the day and get into a comfortable position. Calm you mind and body before approaching work. Set your targets for the day and get to work.

2. Plug your ears
Use noise cancelling headphones, listen to some motivating music or just plug your ears to avoid the unwanted background noise and distractions. Listening to soothing music helps you focus on your thoughts and get on with your work throughout the day.

3. Organise and Prioritise
Have a to-do list for your daily tasks near your workstation or on your laptop’s home screen. Tick off the tasks as you complete them and notice the difference. Prioritise your work based on what needs to get done earlier or what is more routine and can be pushed for a later time. The first hour at work is the most productive since you are full of energy and ideas. Follow this technique to finish your important tasks easily without having to fret about the mundane tasks.

4. Make Time for Snack Breaks
All work and no play can make you dull. Learn to switch off and take short frequent breaks to destress and calm your mind. Short mental breaks help channelize your energy to focus on current, important tasks. An empty stomach makes for an inattentive individual. Keep somesnackshandy to munch on while working.

5. Limit your Phone Usage
Use your phone for important calls and work purpose only. Stop checking your social networking accounts every now and then. Log out of all your accounts while at work. Discipline yourself to use your phone for social media only when you have a few extra minutes to spare. Constant surfing through social media always has something interesting and perky that may make you stay hooked on longer. Inform your callers that you will get back to them later post work and call them when you get free. While at work limit your conversations to less than three minutes.

6. Mindful Meditation & Mental Exercises
Find a hobby or do something that you enjoy and find relaxing at the end of the day. Hit the gym to get physically fit and mentally more active. Join our yoga classes likeAerial Flowyoga andDynamic Flowyoga which are low intensity workouts to help you focus on your work in an efficient manner. Staying physically fit is as necessary for staying mentally active. Learn some meditation techniques to stay calm and composed at work.