Moving Well


Boxing has always been a popular international sport. But in the past two decades, it has been recognised as one of the most intense and exhilarating fitness programs one can take up. Here are just some of the many ways in regular boxing classes can improve your life:

12 Jun 2019


Boxing is one of the most intense activities available to anyone. The continuous movements that the sport demands, makes it an advanced cardio activity. A single boxing session can significantly impact yourheart rate for a long period! The dangers that are carried by an unhealthy heart are known to us; these dangers also manifest themselves around us - in our friends and our families. Cardio exercises have become a must in our modern computer lifestyles. Boxing is arguably the best cardio you can do with a partner or even alone. It is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.


The stress relieving capabilities of a boxing workout are unlike any other workout you might have done. Hitting a punching bag can let you get rid of all the stress in your body, one jab at a time. Scientists claim that the act of punching itself releases certain endorphins in your bloodstream that calm you down significantly. So, you can vent out your aggravated stress on a heavy bag and relieve your mind and body of the weariness at the same time.


There is a reason why professional boxers are mostly lean. Their physiques are admirable and coveted by all. Boxing training makes a person’s body spend calories at high rates. A single session of boxing workout could help you in burning upwards of 200 calories every 30 minutes. This kind of high intensity training also boosts your rate of metabolism, causing you to expend calories even after the workout session.


Learning how to defend yourself with a skill such as boxing, karate or kick- boxing increases a person’s self-esteem and outward confidence significantly. Professional boxers are known for their notoriously high levels of confidence. The endorphin and dopamine boosts after each boxing workout which also contributes towards feeling gratified.


As it is for many other sports, hand eye coordination is essential for boxing in many ways. Punching a heavy bag or engaging in a sparring session with a mate requires very careful movements of your arms, legs and the core of your upper body as well as quick recall instincts. Boxing hones the athletic instincts, making you much quicker in body as well as in mind. Boxing keeps you on your toes, changes the way you move and even think.

We know it might be a step to join your first class, but you will likely feel great after! Fitness First now offers a signatureBOOM &HOOK boxing classes. Hit the bag in this music driven, high intensity boxing inspired workout. We’ll take you through exercises that’ll work your whole body, using your body’s natural movement patterns. You’ll challenge your cardio, muscular and neural systems while improving your boxing technique