Moving Well


The festive season not only brings about changes to our surroundings but also our emotions. Most of us look forward to the festivities and end up losing track of our fitness goals.

13 Dec 2019
Over consumption of unhealthy festive foods could also contribute to significant weight gain if not balanced out with proper exercise. Here are some workout tips that can be incorporated as part of your fat-burning programme this festive season.

Yoga possesses fat burning capabilities although it is not typically considered as an aerobic exercise. Active and more intense styles of yoga can provide you the Christmas motivation to burn calories and aid in weight gain prevention. Dynamic Flow Yoga,Hot Flow Yoga  are considered to be example of physical types of yoga.Gentle Flow andBody Balance are more relaxing forms of yoga. A combination of both active and relaxed types of yoga will help you to burn fat, build strength, improve flexibility and prevent injuries.

Practicing yoga also helps you develop mindfulness which allows you to be more conscious of your eating habits. This is because foods consumed have a direct impact on the mind, body and spirit. As a result, yoga practitioners are able to resist unhealthy foods and be aware of when their stomach is full.

Running would be a great addition to your Christmas fitness workout program. It is especially effective in burning stomach fat. You may want to consider one of our exclusive signature classes calledSurge. It combines speed, stamina, agility, and power training exercises for a whole body workout.

For regular running on the treadmill, begin slow and gradually build up the pace. It is also important to practice deep belly breathing. Identify a breathing pattern that incorporates this technique, as compared to shallow chest breathing. Shallow chest breathing is not ideal for long-distance running. As you progress, you will slowly find your cardiovascular fitness getting stronger and excess fat slowly shedding.

Tai Chi
Balance is a fundamental factor that allows you to perform most of your daily activities and prevent falls. Known also as “moving meditation”,Tai Chiinvolves the improvement of your balance by moving your body slowly, gently and precisely, while taking deep breaths. Fitness First provides a Tai Chi class that incorporates a relaxing series of slow and controlled moves. This form of exercise will provide you with improvement in bone and heart health, relief of pain, reduced stiffness, better sleep, and overall improvement in body wellness.

Another form of exercise that has a low impact on your body,cycling works all the major muscle groups in your body. Apart from building muscle strength,cycling also improves stamina and aerobic fitness. Cycling is also known to improve mental health by decreasing stress levels and reducing anxiety.

If you are new to cycling, begin with low-intensity and build up to a more physically demanding workout once your body starts getting comfortable. Fitness First provides a cycling class calledRPM™ which is a low-impact group indoor cycling workout. It comes with great music and involves a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. This class is a great way to build up your sense of personal achievement, burn calories, get lean, and improve your aerobic fitness to reach peak Christmas fitness.

Les Mills BodyStep Athletic
A workout that can be tailor-made to your fitness level, Fitness First’s Les MillsBodyStepAthletic class provides the Christmas workout motivation you need to strengthen and improve conditioning of your entire body. This class features a full-body cardiovascular workout that combines basic stepping movements with strength exercises such as burpees, pushups and weight plate exercises to work your upper and lower body. It is advisable to begin with 1 or 2 classes a week and progress gradually. In time, you will be able to shape and tone your lower body, while improving coordination and agility.

The key to healthy weight loss during the festive season is to practice a workout programme consistently. Combined with a nutritious meal plan and adequate rest, you would be witnessing positive changes to your body as the season progresses.