Eating Well


When it comes to food and fulfilling a particular craving, Malaysians are resolute. There may be changes in our palettes and cravings due to the change in temperature presented by the rainy season which is currently upon us. Here are a few guilt-free comfort foods that you can indulge in during the rainy season while staying on track with your fitness goals.

12 Nov 2019


Steamboat, which is a favourite amongst Malaysians, is a meal best shared with your peers. The meal combines a soup of your choice and various healthy items to choose from. These include meats, seafood, vegetables, egg and noodles, which come together to provide for a satiating and nutritious meal. This meal would be most fitting for you and a large group of fitness enthusiasts.

Butter and ‘Kaya’ Toast with Half-Boiled Eggs

Simple yet satisfying, butter and ‘kaya’ toast with half-boiled eggs is a meal that you can eat at any given time of day. This meal is usually served at a ‘kopitiam’ or ‘mamak’, and is a popular choice amongst most Malaysians. Make a request to reduce the use of butter on the toast and this meal would work well with your fitness plans.

Sup Kambing

‘Sup Kambing’ is another favourite amongst most Malaysians. Served piping hot, this dish can be found most commonly in ‘mamaks’ or Malay and Indian restaurants. The soup consists of healthy condiments such as ginger, lime leaf, spring onion and celery. Paired with white bread or eaten on its own, this dish provides for a filling meal option and supplements any form of fitness regime.

Bubur Cha Cha

Thiscomfort foodcan be prepared within the confines of your own home. A dish that can either be eaten during breakfast or as a dessert, a basic serving of this porridge is made using only 2 main ingredients – taro and sweet potatoes. Alternatively, you can include other ingredients such as bananas, yam or pearl sago into this healthy concoction.

Banana Leaf Rice

A banana leaf rice meal, which usually consists of vegetables, curry and your dish of choice provides for a nutritious, well-balanced lunch or dinner. It would be best to avoid fried items and opt instead for the unique vegetable options which are first served at the top half of the banana leaf. These vegetables are cooked in varying healthy styles and include pumpkin and bitter gourd. Replenish any of these items at no cost.

Change in cravings can usually cause disruption in your strict diet and fitness plans. Feel free to indulge in any of the healthier options above without any guilt during this rainy season.