Thriving Well


The new year introduces an opportunity to renew our zest for fitness. Particularly if we were faced with physical and mental challenges that may have caused us to fail in achieving fitness goals previously set for last year. Here are a few tips on how we can overcome these challenges to become healthier and stronger versions of ourselves this brand new year.

06 Jan 2020

Try Something New

The reasons behind why we end up not following through with specific fitness resolutions that were set last year differs for each individual. For some, it could be due to a workout failing to challenge our bodies the way we intended to. Or it could be due to the intensity of a workout being too strenuous, resulting in us being unable to cope with the physical demands. One way to help you overcome either one of these physical challenges this new year is to try something new. 

BOOMis a high-intensity boxing workout that will challenge your cardio, muscular and neural systems while improving your boxing technique at the same time. Driven by music, each individual will be provided with different workout options according to how much experience you have. This will allow you to burn calories, and train for better muscle coordination, core stability, power and strength at your own pace.

Overcome Procrastination

Another reason why we may have failed to accomplish last year’s fitness goals is because of the repetitive nature of a workout. As a result, we end up procrastinating instead of actually performing, hindering us from achieving overall physical and mental benefits for our wellbeing. 

Get rid of last year’s mundane workouts by incorporating a fitness routine that motivates you to get up and move. One of the ways that you can overcome procrastination is by performing an energetic and rewarding workout such as theHARDCOREexclusive signature class by Fitness First. It will condition you to get better balance, mobility, stability and improved posture. The 30-minute class specifically targets and strengthens your core muscles through wholly integrated movements. If you feel the need to challenge yourself more, opt for the HARDCORE+ which lasts a full 45 minutes.

.Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Stop Doubting Yourself

A mental obstruction which could have restricted us from achieving last year’s fitness resolutions is self-doubt. This is particularly prevalent amongst individuals who have not been previously working out, or those who have hit a plateau with a certain workout. These negative conditions could create doubt in elevating their fitness routines to the next level. 

The best way to overcome this challenge is to start slow and take your time in progressing further. Be mindful of how your body reacts to exercises. Take for example bodyweight workouts thatchallenge different muscle groupsat the same time. It is important that you focus on your form and breathing, as they allow your body to build muscle strength, improve balance and flexibility, apart from boosting cardiovascular fitness. 

Break Through the Pain

Managing the pain that comes with going through a physical workout can be an extremely difficult physical challenge to overcome. Especially when it comes to waking up every morning during the recovery process with sore muscles. This soreness is what sometimes drives people to forego working out altogether. Fortunately, there are some fitness routines that actually aid in relieving the pain, whilst promoting mindfulness and improving overall wellbeing.

IncorporatingGentle Flow Yogaas part of this new year’s fitness routine will allow you to move seamlessly from one fundamental yoga pose to another. This would inadvertently help release stress and tension from your entire body. The breathing techniques that are incorporated as part of this routine will also create unity between your mind and body, helping you calm your mind, restore physical balance and help you feel relaxed entirely.

Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Face Your Insecurities

If you have never used a gym to work out before, your first time can be an awkward experience, especially when it comes to utilising the fitness equipment. The only way to learn and break through your insecurities at the gym would be to ask for guidance. Most of the time, the gym staff, trainers and other gym-goers will be able to assist you.

Another way to overcome your gym insecurities would be to join agroup class. Apart from boosting peer-to-peer camaraderie, group classes will be able to improve motor control, apart from allowing your body to move more efficiently and precisely.

Overcoming physical and mental challenges is a stepping-stone towards achieving your fitness resolutions this new year. As long as you are able to practice consistency, stay disciplined and constantly work towards creating excitement in your fitness routine, you are bound to achieve all the goals you have set come year end.