Doing Well


As the days of working from home and restricted movement continue for some of us, it begs the question of how one can keep one’s social life active while adhering to safety guidelines. Just because you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean you need to cut yourself off from friends and family. If anything, physical distance makes it all the more important to keep loved ones close by in other ways. So, don’t let the pandemic life cramp your social style.

05 Apr 2021

Virtually Social Events 

Thanks to platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Duo andmore, you can stay connected with your friends just like you used to, albeit minus the in-person interactions. You just need to sync your schedules and identify an activity you all enjoy.Workout sessions, games night, book clubs, and karaoke are among the popular choices. How about testing out a new recipe together, in your respective kitchens? Maybe you have a specialised skill – why not run a workshop? Inject some fun factors, such as themes or dress codes, to make them even more sociable events.

Host an Online Movie Party

If you can’t go to the cinemas, let the cinemas come to you alongside your friends and families and whoever else you wish to invite.Teleparty(formerly known as Netflix Party) lets you link up with others and watch a chosen movie or TV show together and discuss it in a group chat, all in real time. It’s compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Disney and HBO, and the chat function lets you upload screenshots, emojis and GIFs so you can really get the conversation going. The only thing missing is a bucket of shared popcorn.

Sharing is Caring

You know how listening to your favourite tunes can help perk up your mood? Chances are, they will do the same for someone else.Sharing your Spotify playlistis one way to spread the good vibes. Music, as they say, is a universal language that connects people together across distances. If you’re on Instagram, the photo sharing platform introducedWatch Togetherlast year, a feature that lets you and your friends scroll through or view posts together while on a video chat.


Send a Care Package or a Snail Mail

Not everything needs to be done in the digital realm, analogue is the other way to go. Order food delivery for your best friend, send flowers to cheer up the colleague who’s struggling, pack a care box of healthy snacks for your gym buddy and throw in a handwritten note while you’re at it … the possibilities are endless when it comes to showing that you care. Even if you can’t be there in person, they will still feel your love.