Moving Well


Irrespective of varying workout goals from weight loss and gaining muscles, to getting a toned body, measuring your progress is a must. The whole point of measuring your progress is to take note of significant data that you can utilize, based on which you can decide your next steps to attain your goal and stay motivated.

09 Jul 2019

How To Track Your Fitness Progress?
Tracking your body measurements and fitness progress are crucial to get in shape. The weighing scale used to measure your body weight is the most accessible, but the biggest problem is it shows you only your weight. There is no way to differentiate whether the weight gain or loss is fat or water or muscle.

Body measurements must be taken into consideration to achieve your weight loss goals. Boditrax is one such tool which can help you measure your weight, fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, water mass, visceral fat, metabolic rate, and metabolic age. Boditrax is available at all Fitness First Clubs to give you a detailed picture of your body’s physical and behavioural insights. Use the Boditrax app to set your goals and track your fitness progress and growth. The rise and fall in your body’s measurement numbers is a great motivator to go to the gym and exercise.

Track The Right Way
To ensure that you’re getting all the benefits of fitness training like increased strength, muscle size, etc. you must also know when to increase your workload and lift more weight or reduce your weights.

Here are some of the best ways to track your strength training workouts based to get on the road to muscle-building success.

a. Maintain a Work Journal
Your body gets adapted to the exercises very quickly. Hence the same exercises if performed again continuously, will no longer react to the same stimuli and the muscles will not grow or get stronger. A workout journal will help keep track of the different workouts that you are performing daily and how you can consistently improve it and increase your weights and the type of exercises.

b. Track the Amount Lifted
Keep a log of how much weights you lift each time and try adding extra weight for each workout cycle. A 6-8 week cycle of changing or increasing weights is ideal to track your strength training progress. If your progress stops or slows down, restart from the last lower level and keep adding as you get through.

c. Use the Boditrax
Check your body composition using the Boditrax to measure the percentage of muscle versus fat. With the help of Boditrax, you can prioritize what your body requires, what you wish to achieve and set realistic goals to easily focus on.

Hence, keeping track of your workouts is essential, to understand which exercise sets suit your body and help you achieve your goals. At times, your body may not necessarily show active weight loss, but your body composition helps you analyse your fat and water loss. Boditrax will help you track this progress whilst motivating you to exercise further.