What is the class about

Fundamental yoga postures to achieve all the restorative benefits Yoga brings with it: flexibility, tension release and mental focus. We start right at the beginning: the right breath, the right posture, the right poses. It’s the perfect Yoga preparation for better things ahead.

Beginners, this is perfect for you. Beyond that, those looking to revisit the basics and seek some calm, Gentle Flow Yoga will give you just that.

Since 2007, Fitness First Asia has been registered as an internally accredited yoga school by YOGA Alliance.

Every Fitness First trainer is required to meet the highest expectations to train, pass and qualify with Yoga Alliance. Our Flow Series classes are constantly evolving to meet the standards and requirement of Yoga Alliance. All this so we can help you achieve your best, with only the best.

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The benefits of the class

• Learn how to build poses upon one another preparing you to take on more challenging poses later on
• Learn breathing techniques that will help create a sense of union between mind and body
• A great class to calm the mind, restore physical and mental balance
• Good for stress management
• Realign posture

Who is the class suitable for

• Great entry programme for beginners
• For anyone who wants to restore their internal balance
• For those who want to slow down due to a hectic lifestyle

What to expect

• Everything you learn at Gentle Flow Yoga prepares you for the more challenging poses ahead. We’ll put the focus on doing things slow but right. With each pose, check your form, realign your body to truly feel the benefits of the fundamental yoga poses. Learn breathing techniques that you’ll carry on with even when your practice progress.
• Once you’ve taken that last deep exhale of the class, you’ll gain that deep sense of relaxation. Feel the calm in your mind and body and let that change your perspective on your day ahead.

How do you feel after the class

• Gain deep sense of relaxation
• Calmness of the mind and body

A relaxed but satisfying workout

Is available in 30, 45 & 60 minutes

Those who are just starting out

Gain flexibility & a Sense of mental well being

things to bring

If it’s your first time, here’s a few essentials you might need.

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