Meet Boditrax,  our new state-of-the art body composition tool. Easy to use and intuitive, get 15 personal body composition measures in just 30 seconds. Assess yourself, track your progress and smash your fitness journey with Boditrax.

how it works

Follow these simple steps to track your fitness

STEP 1: Create your account on any Boditrax machine 


STEP 2: Sign in and step on the Boditrax machine to begin your assessment
STEP 3: You can keep track of your fitness progress by signing in your account on any Boditrax machine or by downloading the Boditrax app

download the boditrax app

The Boditrax app is designed to give you a quick overview of the data points to accurately track your fitness progress over a period of time.


Assess your results through the Boditrax app after you complete your reading.


Download the app now for free.