Are you finding it difficult to start or maintain a gym routine?

Do you feel that your current fitness routine is not delivering the desired results?

Or, are the disruptions in your daily life impacting your motivation and consistency in working out?

If any of this sounds like you, you’re far from alone. And we’re here to help.

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Why Do Personal Training With Us

We Are a Full Service Gym

Not only do we offer the best trainers and state of the art gym equipment, you can also supplement your PT with group exercise classes and take full advantage of our other facilities such as our steamroom and sauna.

Holistic Approach

We measure not only what happens in the gym but outside as well. We will tailor your workout according to your day and schedule, if you had enough sleep, feeling stressed, etc. We will also advise you on food and nutrition.

Advanced Technology

Measure your personal body composition in just 30 seconds with Boditrax, our innovative body composition tool. After that, track your fitness progress over 11 categories of fitness with our mobile app, MyCoach.

Invest in yourself by giving Fitness First a chance. 

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Progress starts with getting personal
Let our experts help you unlock the results you want through a results-driven, customised personal training programme.

By signing up a PT package you'll enjoy:-
✓ Expert trainer from Certified Fitness Coaches
✓ Flexible & personalised training schedule
✓ Personalised workout plan to your lifestyle
✓ 11 points assessment & progress tracking with MyCoach
✓ Professional guidance on nutrition & well-being

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Real Experience, Real Result

Here's how our Personal Trainers have helped our members grow along their fitness journey.

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